The Rise Of Mobile App Development Trends In 2019

2018 has already given us reasons and research about how and why has Mobile Development taken a drastic change with development and with certain trends. From messaging apps to shopping or even reading your favorite set of books, Mobile App Development has played its major role in suggesting and delivering cost-effective and value-based trends for you in 2019.

An ISO certified Mobile Development Company Delivering over 1000 mobile appsLet us get into the depth of these trends and how it works for us.

1. Augmented Realities and Virtual Realities

Basically are two different and cost-efficient technologies that boom and give more realistic experience to users. The use of AR/VR stands to be quite common in the gaming space. With the use of this technology, it makes it easier for marketers to promote their campaigns and target customers in a strategically more effective manner through mobile apps.

Business will soon include this sort of technology to engage with their customers and expedite the buying process. Focusing on social media campaigns increase, mobile apps will be developed with elements of AR and VR that stand to be more interactive.

2. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been a dominant technology trend for a long time, with several different aspects ready to be explored so that business can realize its numerous benefits. The Artificial Intelligence implementation has accompanied with machine learning applications. Highly impressive results in analyzing a large amount of organizational data and equipping the management with valuable and actionable insights.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, together with help in developing smarter mobile apps that help in finding the reason behind information, delivering a more and effective personalized experience to the users, which helps in increasing user adoption. This sort of developing technology with value-based learning redefines the mobile app development process in the year to follow.

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4. Cash to Mobile Payment

With an increasing rate of consumers shopping and their mode of payments changing and switching from cash to cards and now changing to mobile payments like Paytm, Google pay etc. According to research, the mobile market in India alone is expected to be USD 7 billion by 2023.

Such mobile trending apps, help your smartphones to perform yet another perfect role. With these ongoing progress in the adoption of mobile commerce for m-wallets, mobile payment apps will be seen joining the same in the coming years.

5. Use of AMP and EMM through Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Developers these days use down to build a version of HTML for better user experience and retention with the help of Facebook instant articles with many experienced and famous stories. These sort of monitoring tools and metrics help in resolving bottlenecks and as well help with an overall performance that is left behind to become a staple by 2019.

6. Mobile App Security

Along with Facebook and Google, Uber as well is coming up with metamorphic closet, accepting hacking and getting themselves ready to tackle them all. What proves to be made stronger and secure is the grip on cybersecurity, that gives a direct link to users data privacy and protection laws.

While downloading certain applications on your mobile, you also need to keep in mind the need of having security for your device. Because one unknown risk can develop a group of threat.

Mobile App Development, have managed to captivate users across the globe and remain to be an integral part of the mobile ecosystem.