Tips To Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

What does landing page conversion mean?

– A specific page on a website, design and created for the visitors that helps with marketing reference, designed specifically to achieve a marketing outcome.

– There are different types of landing pages, namely;

1. landing page, integrated into the site’s structure
2. landing page, particularly created for a campaign
3. Tabbed landing page or microsite.

The process of understanding how to make the landing page effective is to know the complete range of places the visitors may originate. Three main origins that need designing for the landing page to adjust.

1. Online media placements- By a click-through, visitors will find it easier for online referers like a search engine, online ad, affiliate sign or e-mail campaign.

2. Offline media placements- These offline ads or direct mail may have a specific campaign URL.

3. Visitors that navigate from elsewhere on the site- They do not use it as a landing page, but still need to be accommodated, if a deep linking strategy is used.


Tips To Boost Your Landing Page Conversions


For better converting landing pages,

1. Display of all the critical elements of an effective landing page

– A headline and maybe for other reasons. a sub-headline
– A brief description that talks about the offer, clearly talking about its value
– At least one supporting image
– Supporting elements like testimonials or security badges.
– A form to capture a visitor’s information.

2. Headline of the landing page and its call to action(CTA) should match

– If the visitors click on the CTA for a free offer but find a catch on the landing page, you will lose their trust that every time. Vice versa, if the headline reads differently from that of the CTA it might lead to confusion and doubt for the visitors, wondering if the CTA is linked to the wrong page.

– Keeping the headline clear and clean.

3. Less is more.

– A cluttered page usually results with a lot of confusion and distraction for the visitors. Keep the text and images on the page simple and to-the-point.

4. Give more stress on the offer’s value.

– Mark up the benefits of the offer with a brief paragraph or maybe a few bullets works.

– For example, “includes specifications of products XYZ,