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7 Effective Tips to Design your Website for Mobile Speed

We’d like to start this article with a fact…

In any part of the world, 40-60% of internet users come from mobile.

On average, ½ your website’s traffic is from a phone, tablets, and other smart devices.

This is why mobile application development is a hot topic in the web design world.

Slow website killing your mobile traffic? - Follow these TipsThe Mobile Experience.

A website that doesn’t respect the mobile experience fails.

A non-compatible site is slow for mobile users. It isn’t designed in a way that suits the capacities of mobiles.

You must make sure that your website doesn’t fail that way. And this is something we’ll help you with.

We’ll mention 7 tips to boost your website’s mobile loading speed!

#1 – Upgrade Your Hosting Service.

Most websites use basic packages as a hosting plan.

While this is affordable, it’s not an option that works for all.

Some websites require better hosting than others. And that’s because of their content, which “kills loading time.